NaPoWriMo 2015 ~ A Birthday Prayer

Yesterday’s poem doubled as a birthday present for a friend. 

April 1st, 2015 ~ A Birthday Prayer


May starlight drench your lonely nights

And sweet winds whisper through your days

May your tears glow like a thousand lights

And your sighs sing with golden praise

May you dance in the rain, sing in the storm,

And laugh when sorrow threatens to win

May you be yourself, defying the norm,

And shine with beauty coming from within


May you listen close for the song of the moon

And the messages of the wind and breeze

May your eyes eagerly seek each heavenly rune

And see His love for you in the flowers and trees


May you press on, though the way is long,

And cling to His strength when yours is lost

May you always have courage to sing His song

And defend the truth, no matter the cost


  1. This is beautiful! It considers so many aspects of life at once and I love how you incorporate beauty and hope into the brokenness of life. ❤ I'm sure your friend was/will be delighted to receive this poem –I know I would be. 🙂

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