I Wonder If You Care

To all those who have had friends leave, whether because of a move or because of life moving on. In praise of the God who can take the hurt and heal it and take the broken and make it beautiful and be the eternal friend we yearn for.

I Wonder if You Care 


I wonder if you care;

Do you wish that I was there?

I wonder if you ache;

Does your heart feel about to break?

Is this just a closed door?

Can we regain what we had before?


I wonder if you moan;

Do you weep, or am I alone?

I wonder if you cry;

Do you too scream silent at the sky?

Did I make a grand mistake?

What memories of me will you take?


I wonder if you smile;

Do you count our love worth the while?

I wonder if you dance;

Do you feel glad you took the chance?

Am I the only one who dreams?

Will friendship last longer than it seems?


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