driving into the city

via my iphone

There is a turn in the highway, a leveling-out, and I look up, and there it is, across the smudges of railroad tracks and marsh-brush and cords swinging in the sky: the skyline, the color of the clouds as if a sky kingdom came down to rest on this sliver of earth between the waters. The closer we get, the more it stretches out, and the colors grow more distinct and varied, but it is there ever out of the corner of our eyes, drawing us irresistibly in. And I cannot believe it is only the trees that point us toward the heavens or only the stars that lift our hearts. This, too, is a tale of a Creator and a King. And this, maybe more than mountains and fields, heralds the coming of a City of gold and glory.


We pass beneath the tunnel and are reborn in another world.

First semester of college is done, and it’s been so incredibly good, and I’m floored by blessing. Hopefully more NYC thoughts will find their way here. May your Advent be happy, friends. And if it isn’t, may you be able to cling to hope. ❤


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