i used to think places didn’t matter

abi ismail on Unsplash

I used to think places didn’t matter

It was the people and the experiences

____and the big ideas

But now I know better

People are shaped by places

Experiences happen in places

Read a history book: ideas are watered in one place

______and wither in another

And in the end I love ideas

Because they will knock down walls and roof houses and spraypaint streets and sprinkle seeds and rip up rot and salt steak and press oil and fill theaters and spark electricity and clothe children and sail seas and shoot rockets and touch lips and shake hands and

All these things only exist

______in places

Poetry proves it: poetry is only as powerful

______as the place it paints for you

______as the place it opens before your eyes

______as the place it calls upon for metaphors

Poetry is the nesting of ideas

In an eyrie on a cliff, a burrow in the soil, an armchair in the attic—

Poetry is the placing of things

It gives to all of life

______a place

Happy Palm Sunday, friends! I’m doing NaPo this year (!!), and it starts this week?! Let me know if you’re joining me because I’d love to have some writing buddies!


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