Reading Recap 2016

Hi guys! Here is the full list of all books I’ve read in 2016. The bolded ones are those that made my favorites list (see yesterday’s post), and the ones in brackets are rereads. The list starts with the first book I completed in 2016, so the most recent ones at the end.

Which of these have you read? What are some of your favorite reads this year? Let’s talk books!

1. Walking on Water ~ Madeleine L’Engle

2. Lightless ~ C. A. Higgins

3. Updraft ~ Fran Wilde

4. Not Without Honor ~ T. Elizabeth Renich

5. Ink and Bone ~ Rachel Caine

6. Nicomachean Ethics ~ Aristotle

7. The Westing Game ~ Ellen Raskin

8. Poetics ~ Aristotle

9. Paradise Lost ~ John Milton

10. The Tattooed Potato (And Other Clues) ~ Ellen Raskin

11. The Apocrypha (selected books)

12. Bands of Mourning ~ Brandon Sanderson

13. The Innovators ~ Walter Isaacson

14. Mission Possible  ~ Marilyn Laszlo

15. Middlemarch ~ George Eliot

16. Calamity ~  Brandon Sanderson

17. Sense and Sensibility ~ Jane Austen

18. Simply Tuesday ~ Emily P. Freeman

19. Thrones, Dominations ~ Dorothy L. Sayers

20. Hood ~ Steve Lawhead

21. The War With Hannibal ~ Livy (selections)

22. David Copperfield ~ Charles Dickens

23. Foundling ~ D. M. Cornish

{A Ring of Endless Light ~ Madeleine L’Engle}

24. The Small Rain ~ Madeleine L’Engle

25. On the Nature of Things ~ Lucretius

26. Lamplighter ~ D. M. Cornish

27. 100 Cupboards ~ N. D. Wilson

28. selected readings by Cicero

29. Factotum ~ D. M. Cornish

30. Dandelion Fire ~ N. D. Wilson

31. The Chestnut King ~ N. D. Wilson

32. A Circle of Quiet ~ Madeleine L’Engle

33. Dragonflight ~ Anne McCaffrey

34. The Wand in the Word ~ Leonard S. Marcus (editor & compiler)

{Troubling a Star ~ Madeleine L’Engle}

{Outliers ~ Malcolm Gladwell}

35. Wuthering Heights ~ Emily Brontë

36. Eclogues & Georgics ~ Virgil

37. Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley

38. Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle ~ N. D. Wilson

39. The Jewish War (selections) ~ Josephus

40. A.D. 30 ~ Ted Dekker

41. Immanuel’s Veins ~ Ted Dekker

42. To the Lighthouse ~ Virginia Woolf

43. The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict ~ Trenton Lee Stewart

44. Meditations (books 1-7) ~ Marcus Aurelius

45. The Chosen ~ Chaim Potok

46. The Apostolic Fathers ~ trans. by J. B. Lightfoot & J.R. Harmer

47. Alexander Hamilton ~ Ron Chernow

48. Mistborn: Secret History ~ Brandon Sanderson

49. The Promise ~ Chaim Potok

50. My Name is Asher Lev ~ Chaim Potok

51. Art and the Bible ~ Francis Schaeffer

52. How Star Wars Conquered the Universe ~ Chris Taylor

53. Dear Mr. Knightley ~ Katherine Reay

54The Wednesday Wars ~ Gary D. Schmidt

55Lila ~ Marilynne Robinson

56. Hamilton: A Revolution ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

{Ender’s Game ~ Orson Scott Card}

{North! Or Be Eaten ~ Andrew Peterson}

57. A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold ~ Anne Elisabeth Stengl

58. The Selection ~ Kiera Cass

59. A Thousand Miles to Freedom: My Escape From North Korea ~ Eunsun Kim

60. Vinegar Girl ~ Anne Tyler

61. Lavinia ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

62. Challenger Deep ~ Neal Shusterman

63. Storming ~ K. M. Weiland

64. The Dean’s Watch ~ Elizabeth Goudge

65. Amazing Grace ~ Eric Metaxas

66. Rise to Rebellion ~ Jeff Shaara

67. Originals ~ Adam Grant

68. To Get to You ~ Joanne Bischof

69. Two From Galilee ~ Marjorie Holmes

70. Stargirl ~ Jerry Spinelli

{When You Reach Me // Rebecca Stead}

71. Silas Marner ~ George Eliot

72. A Student’s Guide to The Core Curriculum ~ Mark C. Henrie

73. Salt to the Sea ~ Ruta Sepetys

74. Between Shades of Gray ~ Ruta Sepetys

{The Fellowship of the Ring ~ J. R. R. Tolkien}

75. Things Not Seen ~ Andrew Clements

{The Two Towers ~ J. R. R. Tolkien}

{Antigone ~ Sophocles}

76. Burial at Thebes ~ Seamus Heaney

77. The Railwayman’s Wife ~ Ashley Hay

{Oedipus Rex ~ Sophocles}

{The Return of the King ~ J. R. R. Tolkien}

78. Fierce Convictions ~ Karen Swallow Prior

{Oedipus at Colonus ~ Sophocles}

79. The Bird in the Tree ~ Elizabeth Goudge

{The Way of Kings ~ Brandon Sanderson}

{Words of Radiance ~ Brandon Sanderson}

80. Pilgrim’s Inn ~ Elizabeth Goudge

81. The Heart of the Family ~ Elizabeth Goudge

{selections from Plutarch’s Lives}

82. Sweet Mercy ~ Ann Tatlock

83. Promises to Keep ~ Ann Tatlock

84. A Time to Die ~ Nadine Brandes

{most of the Mitford series ~ Jan Karon}

{Inferno ~ Dante}

85. A Time to Speak ~ Nadine Brandes

86. Purgatory ~ Dante

87. A Time to Rise ~ Nadine Brandes

88. The Thief ~ Megan Whalen Turner

89. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ~ Rebecca Skloot

90. Paradise ~ Dante

91. Star of Light ~ Patricia St. John

92. The Penderwicks on Gardam Street ~ Jeanne Birdsall

93. The Penderwicks at Point Mouette ~ Jeanne Birdsall

94. The Penderwicks in Spring ~ Jeanne Birdsall

95. A Long Walk to Water ~ Linda Sue Park

96. The Right Thing ~ Scott Waddle & Ken Abraham

{100 Cupboards series ~ N. D. Wilson}

97. The Hawk and the Dove ~ Penelope Wilcock

98. The Butterfly and the Violin ~ Kristy Cambron

99. The Secret Keepers ~ Trenton Lee Stewart

100. Five Glass Slippers ~ Ed. by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

101. Five Enchanted Roses ~ Ed. by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

102. Wingfeather Tales ~ Ed. by Andrew Peterson


Out With the Old, In With the New {2016}

Ah, 2016. It’s certainly been a year, hasn’t it? For me personally, it was a good year. I earned a lot of money teaching swim lessons in the first half of the year; I traveled to South Africa on an amazing mission trip; I got to visit family, colleges, and the beach (THE BEACH, guys. My favorite thing in the world.). These past few months in Germany have been wonderful—not only have I loved living in this beautiful country, but somehow my school schedule this year has let me be way more productive and actually have more free time than last year. I feel less stressed, even with college apps and my arm pain. So praise God for all of that.

But as for the world, it’s been a rather rough year. Every day I was in South Africa, there was a new report of some shooting in America. At least, that’s what it felt like. Terrorist attacks cropped up sickeningly often. And the election, all the anger and accusations, the chaos and confusion, all the tension and bitterness that have left us exhausted. The death of Carrie Fisher seemed to seal 2016’s doom as a particularly rotten year.

I don’t have anything particularly eloquent or profound to say to all that except that, well, it’s a new year. Isn’t it just like God to give us a fresh start every twelve months? He’s the God of second chances, the God of working redemption in the dark. His story—in you personally, in this wide, aching world at large—is far from done. So right now I’m going to take a breather and think about some of the things that went right this year. Will you join me?

Reading Review: 2016


  1. I failed my goal of 110 books. This failure of my book count goal is becoming a tradition, it seems. And while I’m not overly concerned with the number of books I read, I do feel like this was a dryer reading year. I certainly found many books to enjoy, but overall … I don’t know, it just wasn’t as spectacular or earth-shattering as years past. But that’s okay. I know every year can’t be like that. And I did stumble upon some treasures …
  2. THE LIST. So last year I picked my top six books for three genres—non-fiction, fiction, and speculative—that I’d read that year and that were new to me. This year, I read wayyy less speculative stuff than before, so I felt like I couldn’t really find six stellar books for that category. Instead, I’m going with my top eighteen books in those three categories, but the categories can have unequal numbers of books. (I’m probably the only person who cares about the number of books, but whatevs. It makes my OCD happy.) Here ya go:


  • The Innovators ~ Walter Isaacson
  • Walking on Water ~ Madeleine L’Engle
  • Art and the Bible ~ Francis Schaeffer
  • Alexander Hamilton ~ Ron Chernow
  • Amazing Grace ~ Eric Metaxas
  • Originals ~ Adam Grant


  • Vinegar Girl ~ Anne Tyler
  • The Chosen ~ Chaim Potok
  • Challenger Deep ~ Neal Shusterman
  • Middlemarch ~ George Eliot
  • David Copperfield ~ Charles Dickens
  • Paradise Lost ~ John Milton
  • The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict ~ Trenton Lee Stewart
  • Salt to the Sea ~ Ruta Sepetys


  • A Foundling’s Tale series ~ D. M. Cornish
  • 100 Cupboards series ~ N. D. Wilson
  • The Thief ~ Megan Whalen Turner
  • Wingfeather Tales ~ Ed. by Andrew Peterson

Writing Wind-up: 2016


  1. NaPoWriMo. This was my third year doing the National Poetry Writing Month, although I did it in May this time, so I could do Camp NaNoWriMo in April. A few other bloggers joined me in my May excursion, which was really fun. *high-fives my rebel buddies* As always, I loved NaPo, and I hope to do it again this year.
  2. Phoenix. *minor squeal because this story just makes me happy and excited* So for Camp NaNo in April, I wrote a short story called Phoenix. Except that it ended up being not so short. Its current version is sitting pretty at 22k, which I guess is novella length? I finished it in July (I think) and have started editing it. I’m not sure when I’ll finish that and how/where I’ll reveal it, but I’m just glad that I actually finished a longer writing project.
  3. Um? *coughs* So yeah. I didn’t really do much else, mostly because I was super busy with my job and traveling in the summer, and my arms have been hurting since. But I’ve also been working on college applications and being the senior editor for my online school’s e-magazine (shameless self-advertising there, mhm). I feel like I’ve got a story brewing in me, but it’s pretty deep down in there. It’s going to be big, I think, and right now I’m content to jot down notes and read and just let it germinate. My arms couldn’t handle a big project now anyway. I’m trying not to get discouraged that I’ve done so little compared to what other people are doing. I know God doesn’t waste anything, and maybe this time is a learning, rejuvenating time. Maybe when my arms heal, I’ll have a lot of story ideas and inspiration that I’ve accumulated during this waiting period.

The Best Is Yet to Come: 2017


  1. This blog. I just have to say, I love this blog. I love posting on here, I love your comments, I love interacting with you guys. This whole experience has been a huge blessing to me. For now, I’ll be posting when I can, probably a few times a month, with whatever poetry, stories, and musings I’m able to write. It’ll be nothing like last year, when I posted about three times a week and had a fancy schedule, but it’s something. I also want to change my theme at some point; I’ll update you when that happens. *bounces*
  2. NaPoWriMo & more. I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to physically handle NaPo, but I’d really love to. Maybe I’ll tailor it to what I can do, like three poems a week instead of one a day. We’ll see. NaPo is one of my favorite things ever, so I’m going to fight to make it work. Also, depending on how my arms are, I really want to try to enter Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s yearly fairytale retelling contest. I finally bought the previous collections (her Christmas sale on those was amazing), and they’ve really inspired me. *more excited bouncing* Oh, and figure out what to do with Phoenix. That’s another goal for this year.
  3. 100 books. Yeah, my book count for each year keeps getting shorter. But hopefully also more realistic. Besides, 100 is such a nice, round number. It makes me happy.

* all photos from unsplash

And that’s all, folks! Here’s to another year of doing hard things and looking for the light—and, of course, writing a lot and reading even more. How was 2016 for you, personally or otherwise? Any favorite books or writing projects? *hands some sparkling grape juice* Let’s chat!

the stars, they miss you // a story

One of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Please, please read it, and listen to the music with it. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

the wanderer

Well hi guys. *waves awkwardly to anyone who happens to still look at this* Summer’s finally come to an end. It surprisingly didn’t go very fast this year, which I’m quite pleased about. Though I’m still not ready for school to start (but a creative writing class, so that’ll be fun. and psychologyyy.). Anyway, I’m going to have a lifey update post in a bit, but I decided to start my bolg up again with a story.

A friend and I did a story exchange. What happened was she made a collage just using interesting pictures, but then once she finished it she realized how it looked like a story. So I used it as a writing prompt while she wrote a story that I would make a collage for afterwards, and we exchanged them. It was quite fun.

My story was mostly inspired by her collage (which you should…

View original post 2,758 more words

MBTI Collage Set

And I’m back! I’m hoping to post about the trip and/or get started with my normal schedule by the end of the week, but for now, here’s a treat: My dear friend Lalaithiel started a new blog on Myers-Briggs, and here’s a collection of gorgeous collages she made for each personality type. I enjoyed it immensely. =)


Yes I know I just made a post yesterday so I should probably wait before posting this one but I don’t want to so I’m giving it to you now. And that was a horrible run-on. o.e Anyway. I thought it would take longer to finish this, but thanks to a beautifully free Saturday I was able to make the last installments today.

Based on these two blog posts I found, I have made a collage for each of the sixteen personality types. =D A few disclaimers, though. Firstly, I apologize if I inaccurately portrayed one of the personalities; I don’t know some of them as well as I could, and if you’re the type and feel like I made it incorrectly, then sorry about that. Secondly, I apologize if some may seem “girlier” than others. I, if you didn’t know, am a girl. xD As are most of my…

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Update the Third

Dear me, what is this blog coming to—three of the last four posts being updates? I truly apologize for my absence on here, but fortunately, I’m here to tell you that it won’t last much longer.

First off, early tomorrow I leave for a mission trip with my church.  We’re headed for a Native American reservation in South Dakota, where we’ll be presenting a VBS to two tiny villages, as well as hosting a teen outreach in a bigger town. I’m pretty excited, but I’d really appreciate prayer, if you think of it. Please pray for me, that I’ll be selfless and focused on God and blessing the kids—often I get distracted and focus too much on myself, the other teens I’m working with, etc, Please pray that I’ll have the right focus. Please also pray for our whole team, that we’ll know how to reach these children who have never had a picture of real love before, and for the Native Americans themselves, that they’ll be open to the truth and love of Jesus.

Second, once I get back, I’ll start posting again! That should be sometime during the first week of August. I’ve really missed writing posts and interacting with all you wonderful bloggers and followers. I’m especially excited to discuss some of the books I’ve read these past two months. Thanks for sticking with me through these down weeks. See you then!

ffddc98a45ec48eb1cfc7f44a04af986P.S. I won Camp NaNo! Of course, I also had the lowest word count goal the site allows, but considering that I had injured forearms and a week less than usual to complete it, I’m pretty excited. More on it when I come back.


Update the Second

Hello, dear readers! First off, thank you to everyone who has been praying for me. Your prayers and comments meant more than I can say. I am doing better, thankfully. I found some great exercises that have helped a lot. Unfortunately, I re-hurt myself a bit yesterday—I’m too impatient to get back to doing everything I used to xD—but I’m not too discouraged because now I know that it can heal. I’d still really appreciate prayer that I’d recover completely. Oh, and I’ve updated my book list, if you care to see what I’ve been reading.

Second, I’m going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this July. For those of you who don’t know what that it is, it’s a version of NaNoWriMo, where writers are challenged to write a 50K novel each November. Camp NaNo is similar, except that you can set the wordcount to whatever you wish, and you don’t have to work on a novel. I was hoping to reach 30K, but because of my arm, I’ve drastically reduced my goal to 10K. Not what I was hoping, but I’m thankful that I can write at all, even if it’s only a hundred words a day. So, because of this (and because I’m going on a mission trip the last week of the month), I won’t be blogging in July. My arm simply can’t handle that much typing yet. Hopefully, by August, my arm will be fully healed, and I’ll be able to return to my regular schedule. Until then, know that I definitely miss you guys. Thanks so much for your patience and support.

Here’s a quote that I’ve repeated over and over when I felt like asking God why this was happening:

I blessed your name in beauty,

In fear I still must sing.

I blessed your glorious name in truth,

I bless it now in doubt


I need no answer. Do not answer.

You are true and you

Are right, and your name is mighty.

Your name is my life.

By your name I accept my doom.

Moonblood, Anne Elisabeth Stengl

And a video that’s been such an encouragement recently:


Hello dear readers! First off, I apologize for my absence these past few days! I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking a hiatus for an indefinite period of time. I have tendonitis in my forearm/hand, which makes it super painful to type. I was hoping to get by with just cutting down on how much I type, but it hasn’t gotten better, so I need to take a complete break from all things computer-related for a while. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to recover—hopefully just a few days of no typing, but it may be a week or more. If you think of it, I’d appreciate prayer because these next few days/weeks will be pretty hard—I can’t write at all, since holding a pencil hurts too, and the thought of not being able to write for an unknown period of time is a little scary. So if you’d just pray that I heal quickly and completely and that I’d trust God and His plan, that would be wonderful. Other than that, I’ll be sure to continue blogging regularly once I get better, and I’ll definitely miss you all. I couldn’t ask for better readers.

Prayer Request

Hello, readers.  In the midst of a busy Saturday and back-to-school preparations, please take the time to remember a hurting family in your prayers.

My friend, Elisabeth (From the Files of a Hilltop Homeschooler), has a good friend named Hannah Worthey, who’s brother, Jacob, has leukemia.  He underwent a bone marrow transplant a month or two ago, but it failed.  The doctors were going to start him on chemo and radiation.  About two days ago, he went to the hospital with an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs.  A little while after that, the doctors ordered DNR (do not resuscitate).  Early this morning, he died.

I don’t know Hannah, I’ve never even corresponded with her, but I’ve been following what’s happening with Jacob, and my heart is breaking right now.  I can’t begin to imagine what she and her family are feeling. They are Christians, as was Jacob, which is a wonderful blessing, but it doesn’t lessen the pain.

So, please, just keep the Wortheys in your prayers.  Check out Hannah’s blog, Bringing Hope Alive, for more information.  Maybe drop her a comment and let her know you’re praying.  Thank you.

P. S. The observant may notice that I didn’t do a Fireside Fridays as promised.  I really apologize for that—life has been crazy, and I’m not in the routine of a Friday post.  However, I promise that I will post the first one next week.  Thanks for bearing with me!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy last day of 2014, dear blog readers!  For this New Year special, I’m going to look back at some highlights of 2014 in the areas of reading and writing, and then I’ll gaze forward at what I hope to accomplish in 2015.

Reading Review ~ 2014:

1) I read fifty books this summer.  Veritas Press, a Christian homeschool curriculum company, challenged kids and teens to read twenty-five books from May 1st to September 1st.  I’d completed that by the end of June, so I decided to push my self further and read twenty-five more by September 1st.  Technically, I didn’t complete it—I finished the fiftieth book on September 1st, not before it.  Still, I’m amazed that I was able to do it, and man, did I encounter some cool books along the way!

2) Speaking of which: Sanderson.  He deserves a mention of his own.  Due to the raving of my awesome classmates, the legendary TPSers, I decided to give this fantasy author a try.  That was May-ish, I believe.  I started with his Mistborn series, and needless to say, I was hooked.  I read his Alloy of Law, the companion book to Mistborn.  Then I tackled the first two massive books in his work in progress, The Stormlight Archive.  Before that, Mistborn had been my new favorite series, and I was sure nothing could compare to it.  TSA changed that idea quickly and has blasted to one of the top five Aberdeen favorites (quite an accomplishment, let me tell you).  I also read Sanderson’s Elantris and Steelheart, far above most books, though not quite as good as his others.

3) Here are other great books I discovered.  In non-fiction: Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, Emily P. Freeman’s Graceful, and Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, Outliers, and The Tipping Point.  In fiction: Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations, Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, and most recently, Fyodor Dostoyvesky’s Crime and Punishment.  And lastly, in fantasy/sci-fi: Orson Scott Card’s Ender series, Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga, and Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Golden Daughter.

Writing Wind-up ~ 2014:

1) I finished my first book.  I used 2013’s NaNo to add greatly to my first book, a fantasy.  I told myself that I had till the end of winter to finish it.  I stuck to my challenge, writing the last words to the epilogue on February 28th, 2014 exactly.  The experience was surreal—I had done what few will ever do.  I had written a book.  Who cared that it would most likely never get published.  I could finally say it—I wrote a book!  Throughout the spring and summer, I revised the book and started its sequel.

2) I participated in—and won!—NaNoWriMo.  This was technically my first time, since the year before, I’d only added 30K words to a pre-existing story.  This year, I started a novel from scratch and wrote the prescribed 50K words.  God truly helped me through it, even enabling me to finish early.   It was a crazy experience—some days were easy and awesome, others were pure torture.  With word wars and pep talks and great supporters, I pushed through it.  The book wasn’t finished, though, something I planned to do over Christmas break.

3) But—I lost all my stuff.  As you already heard here.  Sometimes, numbers one and two seem like a waste now.  What good is it having written a book and won NaNo if I don’t have anything to show for it?  I’ve already rambled on at length about the lessons I’ve learned from the loss, though, so let me just say that, yeah, losing my stuff was a milestone.  It’s something I’ll remember forever.  Plus, that first book I talked about in number one, I had already lost once.  And rewritten.  And now it’s gone again.  I clearly don’t know how to save things on computers (though now I am well-tutored in Google Drive, which should hopefully prevent any further heartbreak).  Anyway, it’s a highlight, one that seems awful, but one that I hope will end in unexpected good.

4) I started blogging!   Was it really only four months ago?  Or even a bit less than that?  I’m lovin’ it (and no, I’m not at McDonald’s), and I plan to continue it for a long while.  Thanks so much for journeying with me—every follow, every like, every comment warms my heart and blesses me more than you know.  Check out “The Best Scribblings” on the sidebar for posts you and other readers have loved.

The Best is Yet to Come ~ 2015:

1) I’m going to read more poetry.  Hopefully write more, too, but I’ve realized that my own poetry will never improve until I dive into those who have gone before and immerse myself in their masterpieces.  I’m going to start with my Christmas present—a gorgeous collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and short stories.  After that, well, who knows.  Suggestions are welcome.  I’ll keep you updated.

2) I’m eagerly anticipating these books. Goodies coming out in 2015 that I can’t wait for: Sanderson’s Firefight (the sequel to Steelheart, January); Sanderson’s Shadows of Self (the sequel to Alloy of Law, October); Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Poison Crown (book eight in her Tales of Goldstone Wood series); Bryan Davis’ Omega Dragon (book four in his Children of the Bard series, March).

3) I’m doing NaNo and NaPo.  Of course, things change and the unexpected occurs, but as of now, I’m determined to complete these challenges.  For the uninformed, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), happens in November, when writers around the world attempt to write a 50K novel in one month.  NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) occurs in April, when poets write a poem a day for the month.  I’ll be updating you on my participation in those when the time comes.

4)  I’m going to continue blogging.  Maybe it goes without saying, but anyhow.  I’m also adding a new feature: Fireside Fridays, which will be dedicated exclusively to books.  If you’re wondering what fire and books have to do with each other (besides the fact that the one can destroy the other), it’s that I often imagine reading books by a fire.  You know, in an armchair, with that cozy crackling sound filling your ears as you thumb through a beloved tome?  I just love books so much, and I wanted to discuss them weekly.  Plus, that’ll free up Miscellaneous Mondays for other ramblings and writings.  Throughout the week, I’ll post stories, poetry, and other creative writing.

Do you have similar plans?  What were some literary highlights for you?  Thank you so much for journeying with me, and I look forward to a new year with you!